Friday, November 14, 2014

The GunSpa - Day 3

Well, I have been home from the GunSpa for 3 weeks now. Practice makes perfect, so practice it is! I bought a demolition gun and ammo, because I will feel more comfortable getting used to carrying 100% of the time in the beginning knowing that a little monkey (that would be my son) isn't going to try to use my belt holster to pull himself up to me and cause permanent damage to anyone. The gun and ammo are bright orange, impossible to miss. These items will also make it useful to teach/train my kids in regards to carrying and safely handling pistols as well.

Day 3 at the GunSpa was pretty awesome. By the end of the day, I was bummed that it was over. I even made a note on the comments section of the survey they gave us at the end of the day that it would be nice if it was 5 days, like most of their other courses are. The simulation was fun, intimidating, but fun. It was good to know how many things could and would happen in that type of scenario - something to practice, practice, practice on my own here at home.

By the end, I left feeling more confident, knowing exactly what I was doing wrong and the correct way to do it to be more accurate and safe.

I highly recommend everyone to attend a course at Gunsite Academy. No matter how well-trained you believe you are, this course will teach you something more. Many people who attend Gunsite have been going for years, and they like to go for refresher courses or different gun style courses. This is especially great for those of us who had military training, but could use real-world knowledge that would be better suited to a home invasion or shopping center type situation. Not a tactical situation.

The other awesome part about the class was that I made some lovely friends there. These women were all great and we all came from different parts of the country and were able to share our own situations with each other. Some have already been a victim of some type of crime, others live rurally such as we do here, and still others simply need to feel safe when they are forced to drive through neighborhoods known for having "thugs" take advantage of a woman alone.

The instructors were all awesome people. Il Ling New's reputation is well-known around the gun world. It seems we don't get a single gun magazine issue without seeing her name at least once. Dave Harris and Jane Anne were also our instructors, and both had awesome tid-bits to add to what Il Ling was teaching us. There is also a Gunsmith on site to help with any and all needs, as well as gun rental. Really, I don't think it gets better than Gunsite Academy. The level of information alone was well worth the time and money, but the knowledge... priceless.

Gunsite: Ladies Pistol, Oct. 2014

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