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I have been using herbs to make teas, tinctures and salves since 2009. I started off with teas, and slowly saw more and more uses for having tinctures and salves ready-made for injuries, sunburns, vitamins, and so many more uses that I would never possibly get them all listed here. I buy most of my herbs from bulkherbstore.com; organic and/or wild-crafted only. I also use Mountain Rose Herbs and bulkapothecary.com. I have also grown some of my own to use fresh for cooking and teas.

I recently signed up to for doTERRA. I know, crazy, right? I actually learned about it over 2 years ago, but I was very happy with my herbal endeavors and didn't see too much reason to "invest" in essential oils yet. Slowly I did accumulate certain oils, such as clove (which helped reverse my hypothyroidism diagnosis 2 years ago), because they would help with certain ailments in particular.  After learning more about the Mood Management oils that dotERRA blends, and realizing I could really use a pick-me-up due to cabin fever and the rather bipolar winter we are having, I jumped in feet first.

The Mood Management oils are: Serenity, Balance, Elevation, and Citrus Bliss. I am currently only using the first three, plus InTune - which helps with focus. I noticed a difference right away. I was able to reign in my emotions and be a bit more patient than previously, as well as focus more on the things I was attempting to accomplish, despite the constant interruptions from the three kids.

I also began using the Lifelong Vitality Pack. This is basically a multi-vitamin pack. There are three separate pills that offer three different benefits, including omegas, essential oils and food-based vitamins and minerals. As of April 2, 2014, I have only been taking these pills for 9 days. I have been unable to eat eggs for 10 months without experiencing such excruciating abdominal pain that I wanted to beg for someone to shoot me dead. Considering how much I love eggs, and that we began raising chickens for the eggs, this was very depressing for me. Well, the past two days I had 1 - 2 servings of eggs and ZERO abdominal pain!!!! I try to eat eggs every few weeks to see how my body is reacting, with the results usually being pain from mild to horrendous (mild usually when made in a casserole style dish; horrendous when eating regular breakfast-style eggs, scrambled or over-easy). The fact that I have eaten hard-boiled and scrambled eggs over the past two days without any ill effects has given me a huge happy-boost!

$74.50 Wholesale; $93.13 Retail

I am incredibly happy that a friend of mine invited me to a virtual doTERRA class that inspired me to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

If you would be interested in more information, or samples of specific EOs for specific issues, I would be more than delighted to help you out! If you are already sold and want to become a doTERRA representative as well, and enjoy wholesale prices, please contact me and I can help set up your account and get you started on a whole new regimen that doesn't include pharmaceuticals or doctors brushing you aside so they can get you out of their office and into the pharmacy.

You can also sign up to shop directly from my store, though I warn you that you will be paying retail prices.

My doTERRA Store

I am not exclusive to doTERRA; I will not argue to death about one company vs another. I have heard good things about Young Living and Native American Nutritionals. The thing I liked about doTERRA is getting a ready-made kit to start from. I may, one day down the road, stop ordering from them and start using Native American exclusively, or I may enjoy the perks of doTERRA so much that I stick with them for a long time. It doesn't hurt to do your own research and form your own opinion, such as this women did here.

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