Yearling Alpine buck for sale. $200. He can be registered with the ADGA (I may register him myself before he goes to his new owner). He was used to breed two Toggenburg yearling does with expected kid dates of April and June 2014. Craiglist Listing with pictures

Toggenburg x Alpine buckling. Born 04/16/14.
Togg x Alpine buckling with Daisy. Born 04/16/14
Wethers will be $50. Buckling $150. Does (doelings) will be $150 - $200.

A few words about buying a Toggenburg/Alpine cross: Toggenburgs do not produce as much milk as Alpine's in general (though a Togg does hold the record for most milk produced in a single year at this time). A Togg/Alpine mix should prove more then enough milk for a small family to have for daily use and to make items with (such as cheese, lotions, soap, etc). Our Toggenburg produced an average of 2 - 3 pounds of milk per milking, as a yearling. She should have produced even more in her 2nd year, but she died due to complications after birthing her twin does.

The does kids from Spring 2013 will be ones giving birth in 2014 and should produce as well as their dam. After both does have kidded and the kids are weaned, there is a high probability we will sell whichever one I have not "bonded" with as well. The price for a doe in milk will be $300.


None available at this time. Next farrow date is approximately May 2014.

6 week old pig.


No fertilized eggs available at this time.

We have a single Rhode Island Red x White Plymouth Rock rooster to our 8 hens (Production RIR and RIRxWPR ) at this time. Both breeds are very good egg layers. The eggs are brown and large.We are debating moving onto a different breed of chicken next year.

2 1/2 to 3 month old chickens.

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