Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Spring Fever

I had no idea that I haven't posted since July 2013! Yikes! Sorry I am so behind. I thought I'd at least posted some pictures, but it seems I was mistaken.

We are expecting some babies soon! Daisy, the goat, will be kidding any day now. Rooter, our 8 month old gilt, will be farrowing in about a month. Sunny, the boar, jumped the fence one day in January when she was in heat. Never underestimate a 250 pound boar and a snow drift that has melted/frozen over so many times that it is like a rock. Huck and I had to really put all our muscle power into removing the drifts from both sides of the fence. Talk about the workout of the month! It didn't work either. He was right back over that fence the following week, this time because he wanted their free-feed instead of waiting for us to come around and give him his breakfast. Luckily we were already selling and butchering pigs at that point, so we simply removed the feeder and started feeding the 3 left (this includes Sunny) every morning and night, along with Buffalo - who so kindly remained in her own pen.

We aren't sure yet if Buffalo is pregnant. She is much bigger, quickly approaching 500 pounds, so it is more difficult to tell if there are any little ones growing in there yet. I never once saw Sunny mate with her, though I saw him get a chance at Rooter several times that first day he jumped the fence. We can see for certain that she is going to farrow.

We may also have a pregnant cat, or two. You just never know with those guys.

Buffalo snuggling with Sunny in her hut. They are currently together in case she isn't already pregnant. Poor Buffalo. I do believe she is a bit OCD. The last time we removed Sunny from her pen, she did THAT to her hair. The trouble was, they were also beating each other up with regularity. If she is NOT pregnant, and does not get pregnant again this time, she will become sausage. She is supposed to be our breeding sow, but has shown no signs of heat so far (though that doesn't mean we didn't miss it).

Rooter: Why does this cold white stuff keep showing up? If you don't know her, you wouldn't recognize the baby belly she has going on right now. She is due in about a month's time.

Who wouldn't want to buy this handsome Alpine? He's up for sale! Go to the Sales page for details.

Look at Daisy's kid belly! She just dropped in the last 12 hours or so (you can tell because the hip bones suddenly become noticeable again). Her milk bag is also starting to fill out and the ligaments at her tail are loosening more and more every day.

Daisy just looks uncomfortable, poor gal.

Daisy's twin sister Ginny was saying "Hey, over here, over here" while I took pictures of Daisy. I separated them earlier this week so that Ginny wouldn't hurt the kid(s) when they arrive. Ginny is the "lead" doe, of the sisters.

Cat Alley! They like to hang out near the goats because of the mice that climb underneath my milk room and all the little birds that come in and eat up the yummies off the ground. They keep themselves fed, that's for sure!

Ginny: But I just wanted a nibble!

Ginny: Fine. No nibbles. Guh.

The bookends.

The chickens were looking at me like "Yea right, we aren't coming out til that white stuff stops showing up again! Or you throw out some more scratch, that'd work too."

A dog and his cat, errr, friend.

We have GRASS. Oh but wait, we also have more snow. Again. That's Wyoming for you.

I am Paws, the Basset Hound. Feel sorry for me.

She's all puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Our loving kitty. The other two, not so much.

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  1. I just love seeing all the pictures and reading about all the animals on the farm. Excited to see the new piglets when they arrive!