Saturday, June 7, 2014

June Gloom? Not on THIS homestead!

Things are finally mellowing out here on the homestead. We had two gilts born on May 17th, and then three [soon-to-be] barrows were born yesterday, May 31st. We also received goslings in the mail on May 30th. That should be it for new babies for 2014. The [goat] kid is almost 2 months old now, and we'll be butchering him up for a delicious, fall-off-the-bone, slow roast after a single day of resting in the refrigerator this coming week. The ducks are also going on two months old, but we won't butcher them until this fall, along with 3 of the geese (we ordered 6 total - 3 are Grey Africans and 3 are Toulouse. We would like to keep the Toulouse for good to keep bugs down, but that depends on how they do in general. Time will tell).

The ducks foraging next to their pond. They have a car hauler and itty bitty old bumper-pull trailer nearby to run under in case of overhead danger.

Goats grazing between the hog pens and the goat shed (you can see the pig feeder on the left, currently upside down to keep all water drained while not in use).

The frog showing off yellow flowers.

The owl showing off purple flowers.

"This is a hold up! Gimme all your grass, or else!"

Sunny on the right, Buffalo (just days away from farrowing) on the left.

The boy and the kid have a special connection.

Rowdy likes to shake hello.

The kid grazing.

Goats grazing next to the chicken "safe zone" and brooder hut..

One week old pigs.

A boy and his Basset. May 2014.

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